Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Ways to Boost Your Energy during the Day

It is common for people to feel the 3pm afternoon slump. It becomes a challenge to keep the eyes open. You risk being fired. You find that almost each afternoon you lose all steam. Changing your energy levels will help solve this problem. This guide provides you with tips to help improve your stamina naturally to ensure you be energetic during the day.

It is important you sleep well. It is advisable you sleep for 7-9 hours. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. You need to sleep uninterrupted. Drink warm tea and switch the lights off. For proper rest, you should keep your devices away.

For breakfast, take carbohydrates of high fiber and protein. Protein will help stabilize your blood sugar. It means that you will not get many energy slumps. High fiber carbohydrate help in sustaining energy since it gets slowly digested. You can opt for foods such as whole grain toast with eggs, sweet potatoes with toppings of berries and butter and oatmeal mixed with protein powder.

Eat a lighter meal during lunch hour. Taking a heavy pasta dish or fast food burger will obviously leave you exhausted by 2pm. Instead, you need to take a lighter lunch with veggies and protein. You can also take a large salad, fish, beans and a soup with chicken. You can accompany the meals with a fruit and Greek yogurt.

Make sure you drink water. Dehydration is known to make one feel tired. Taking plenty of water during the day will boost your energy levels. It is advisable for women to take 11 cups and men 15 cups of water in a day.

Ensure you take a break. It can be tiring to sit at your desk all day long. Take a few minutes to stretch and interact with co-workers. Short breaks make one more productive. Your mind will be more relaxed bosting your energy levels.

Also, consider stepping outside to increase your energy. Take a 10 minute walk around the building. It helps pump the heart and increase energy.

It is essential for you to do regular exercise. There is a misconception that physical exercise makes one more tired. However, exercise will give you the energy you need. Also, you will be able to sleep well. It is recommended that you exercise for 150 minutes weekly or in a day for 30 minutes.

You should also avoid alcohol and smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant that makes one stay awake. Alcohol is a depressant that will help you sleep. However, none works well. Tobacco will result in insomnia and alcohol will cause restless sleep.

Additionally, take supplements that boost energy. A scoop of the delicious supplements will help get your energy back especially during the afternoon slump.

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Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think