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Tips for Buying the Best Combat Application Tourniquet

There are various medical equipment that can be used for bleeding control and hence save lives, the best of them being the combat application tourniquet. Statistics show that at least 20% of the fatal cases in major accident events would be easily avoided if only the live savers had the right bleeding control equipment at sight to help victims with effective stoppage of blood loss. The biggest difference between serious lifesavers and average ones is the knowledge that knowledge is worthless if the right equipment is not available. When an arm or a leg is seriously injured, high volumes of blood flow through the arteries and hence bleeding control technique applied must apply a lot of pressure on the wound or opening to stop the blood flow. Use of other equipment for bleeding control is not very effective though some situations may need you to improvise and try to stop bleeding using methods such as tying a piece of cloth around the wound or applying pressure on the wound using a piece of cloth. Here are a few tips that will guide you when looking for the right tourniquet to purchase from an online store or a local retail store.

When you are considering to purchase a combat application tourniquet from an online store or retail shop, do not gamble on the quality by picking the very first item with a tourniquet label on it but go on further to verify the quality of the item including the history of use in bleeding control situations. A high-quality tourniquet will have two most critical features that you can consider namely a valid patent and endorsement by a reputable surgical research organization. Why a patent and recommendation by medical research institute is important, testing is needed for any product, and more so a medical equipment, before it allowed to be commercialized and hence if you cannot establish the two features, take a step back and ask about them before making a purchase. You can also check whether there is any military or life-saving organization that uses the particular brand of the tourniquet in their operations.

If you have established the aforementioned checks and have found them to be consistent with the brand you have selected, do you go ahead and buy? Not yet. The extra step you need to take is to check bleeding control mechanism that the tourniquet utilizes. The blood flow control mechanism must use a windlass system connected to a free-moving internal band that applies the right kind of pressure on the wound thus stopping the bleeding.

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