The Reason behind the Conclusion of Dragon Ball Super on March 25

Hello DBS fans, we are right back and at this juncture of the Dragon Ball Super Season 5, we are here with a bit of sad update for you. The latest news from the DBS headquarters is that Dragon Ball Super is going to come to a conclusion on the 25th of March, 2018 coming up with the final and climax episode that is Dragon Ball Super Episode 131. The primary intention for the close of DBS is sole that the Toei Animation needs the present team for Production of Dragon Ball Super to come to work on a movie since preparation of animation requires a lot of time. An episode, when it gets prepared, needs months prior to the actual broadcast.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Presently, according to the latest interview that the journalists had with FujiTV, the official channel that broadcasts the weekly episodes of the show, they have not even considered or thought of any sequel to the Dragon Ball Super Season 5 consequent to the conclusion of the Universal Survival Arc!

There might be a novel Dragon Ball Series to come up in the year 2019 since Dragon Ball induced 60 billion yen more as compared to the anticipated 40 billion yen, obviously, it provides a massy income to the makers, and so this might not be the end. This is noticeable that any trade or work that is earning this much profits for the company can’t ever be clogged, therefore it is going to come back, which means that the Dragon Ball Franchise will not be ending!

Complete Details why the Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end:

  • First of all, there is going to be a Dragon Ball Movie in the month of December which is going to display the Origins of Saiyans this year only. Every single member from the production staff is going to be employed solely on the movie, for the moment; hence, Dragon Ball Super might meet our eyes in the month of January 2019 as per the reaction that the film acquires.
  • The Toei Animation is offering Dragon Ball Super a pause to emphasize and assemble every single resource on the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super film. Uub might also be presented in the concluding episode to link it to Dragon Ball Z.
  • Further, there will be fresh anime series on the horizon named Kitaro, which is going to substitute the timings of Dragon Ball Super on Fuji TV. It is going to be introducing the voice actors from the Dragon Ball Super such as the Voice of Piccolo and Goku.
  • These voice-overs might not be required for the movie being made on Dragon Ball since the movie will solely be based on the Origins of Saiyans which might not present Goku or the combatants from Dragon Ball Z.
  • There is going to be an interview issue of Akira Toriyama the coming week on the 29th January for the announcement of Shonen Jump’s 50th-anniversary mag.

We moreover have got the validation that Episode 131 is going to be the concluding episode of the Dragon Ball Super and Universal Survival Arc according to Amazon Japan’s DVDs and currently this declaration, we further reflect that Dragon Ball Super may come back with a changed name in the coming future. The anime titled Kitaro is going to acquire the time slot of the Dragon Ball Super as of 1 April 2018, going by the promo of this anime series, we aren’t that sure about the fact if it is going to be a success or not.

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